5+ Best Portronics Laptop Stand | 2024

Portronics Laptop Stand

1. My Buddy K9 Portronics Laptop Stand

My Buddy K Portable with Adjustable Height, Foldable, Overheating Protection for Laptops & MacBooks

My Buddy K is a portable Portronics laptop stand designed to improve your posture and reduce fatigue while using your laptop. It is collapsible, lightweight, and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go. It also helps to improve ventilation and extend the life of your laptop.

My Buddy K Portronics Laptop Stand

About this item

1. Improve your posture -Scientifically designed to help you balance your sitting posture.
2. Solid & Lightweight -It is made of Aluminium alloy and Silicone Rubber pad, making it hard yet lightweight and elegant.
3. Easy to carry– Fully foldable, lightweight and extremely handy in your office bag.
4. Increases laptop life -Keeps your laptop cooler and improves battery life.

Special Features

Packaging Dimension- 2.9 x 24.5 x 4.9cm.
Angle:- 7- adjustable angle.
Weight:- 240gm.
Support:- 17-inch and smaller laptops.
Material:- Aluminum alloy + silicone, Panel Size:- 240 x 165 x 55 MM

Customer reviews4.2 out of 5 stars5,071 global ratings

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2. My Buddy Hexa 22 Portronics Laptop Stand

My Buddy Hexa 22 with 360° Rotation Base, Mobile Stand, 7 Adjustable Heights, Air Ventilation, Portable and foldable Design for Upto 15.6 Inches Laptops & MacBook (Black)

My Buddy Hexa 22 Portronics Laptop Stand

About this item

  1. Lightweight but Durable: Made with ABS Plastic, the stand is designed to be reliable and sturdy, holding your laptop firmly in place.
    However, that doesn’t make it bulky and hard to lift.
    The stand can be easily transported, even in your backpack. It is light yet
  2. Keep your laptop cool: The stand has openings to stimulate direct airflow.
    – The regular airflow helps the protection of the devices from the risk of overheating.
  3. Put safety first: The My Buddy Hexa 22 has anti-slip pads on the bottom, so the laptop doesn’t slip away while using it. Even if you aren’t holding it with your hands, the laptop will stay firmly in place and will not skid. The stand supports all devices of up to 15.6 inches.
Customer reviews4.2 out of 5 stars5,071 global ratings

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3. My Buddy K9 Portronics Laptop Stand

My Buddy K9 Adjustable Elevation Levels – Ventilated Anti-Slip Design – 360-degree Rotating Base(White)

My Buddy K9 is a versatile laptop stand that caters to various needs. Its sturdy Carbon Steel construction ensures its durability and stability. The anti-slip silicone pads and 360-degree rotating base prevent accidental slips and provide mobility. The adjustable height feature also allows for comfortable working at different sitting positions. Compatible with laptops from 10 to 17 inches, My Buddy K9 is a convenient and user-friendly accessory that enhances your work experience.

My Buddy K9 Portronics Laptop Stand

About this item

Correct your posture: Facing posture issues owing to long hours of sitting. And a prolonged situation might make things pretty bad.
Enhanced comfort: Designed to provide optimum comfort through its adjustable elevation levels to give you the required comfort while working.
Better compatibility: This laptop stand gives you improved compatibility. Now place laptops of any size from 10 to 17 inches, and work carefree without worrying about the space.

Anti-Slip Silicone pads: You can trust my Buddy K9 laptop stands with anti-slip silicone pads to hold your device in place and keep it from falling while you work seamlessly.
Sturdy Carbon Steel Build: My Buddy K9 has a hard Carbon Steel body, making it all the more durable. The laptop stands to support up to 5 kg of weight.
Ventilated Design: Better heat dissipation for your laptop through the naturally ventilated base of the My Buddy K9 laptop stand. This laptop stand doesn’t make any noise.
All-round Working: Switch sides of the desk with the 360-degree rotating base of My Buddy K9. 

Customer reviews4.3 out of 5 stars276 global ratings

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4. My Buddy Plus Portronics Laptop Table

My Buddy Plus is Adjustable with a Built-in USB Cooling Fan, Foldable Legs, and Adjustable Angle for Home, Office, Working, Gaming & Writing(Black)

My Buddy Plus Portronics Laptop Table

About this item

Elegant Portable: The legs can be folded to make them highly attractive and portable. Voltage: 5W. Connector: USB 2.0. Materials: MDF Board
Strong and Adjustable: Vertical Extension of Legs and Angular Adjustments (0-30 degrees). It has soft notches on one side of the flat top to prevent things from rolling down when adjusted.

Compatible: Size and strength ensure that all Laptop Models can be used in a place to keep the mouse with the mouse-pad protection.
Cooling and Noiseless Fan speed of 1800 RPM protects your laptop from Heating up while using. 

Cleanliness and Anti-dust:  we can use a moist cloth to clean the top surface.

This cooling pad laptop table can be used with almost all models of laptops available today up to the size of 17 inches.

Customer reviews4.3 out of 5 stars20,670 global ratings

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5. My Buddy K4 Portronics Laptop Stand

My Buddy K4 Portable Support Upto 15 inch Laptops(Black)

My Buddy K4 Portronics Laptop Stand

About this item

  • User-Friendly Design
  • Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Supports up to 15″ Laptops
  • Anti Slip Pads
  • Improve Body Posture
  • Supports Max Weight 5Kg

Special Features: ‎Aluminium Alloy Body, Air Ventilation

Customer reviews3.9 out of 5540 global ratings

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6. My Buddy Spinlight Portronics Laptop Stand

My Buddy Spinlight with Cooling Fan, 360° Rotating Base, Adjustable Height and Angle, RGB Lights, Aluminium Alloy Body for Upto 15.6” Laptops and Tablets (Silver)

My Buddy Spinlight Portronics Laptop Stand

About this item

Powerful Cooling Fan, 1200 RPM: The Portronics My Buddy Spinlight laptop stand has a powerful cooling fan that spins at 1200 RPM.

A cooling fan that keeps your laptop cool even during intensive tasks such as gaming and designing.

360-Degrees Rotation: 360-degree portable laptop stand. Make your work more comfortable than ever.

Adjustable Height & Angle: No more uncomfortable positions by adjusting the height and angle of your laptop stand according to your comfort.

10 RGB Light Modes: Elevate your workspace aesthetics with stylish 10 RGB light modes. Not only do they look cool, but they also set the mood for your work or play sessions.

Metallic Alloy Body: Made from sturdy aluminium alloy, this laptop stand can handle a weight of up to 8 kg. It’s tough, durable, and a companion for your laptop.

Anti-slip Design: Anti-slip silicone rubber pads of this laptop stand ensure your laptop stays securely in place. No need to worry about your slipping focus on the task at hand.

Portable and Foldable: This laptop stand’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere – ideal for working from home.

Customer reviews4.1 out of 55 Global ratings

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