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We are the AI Generation. We have an AI Tool for almost any work that can be done on a computer. One can write content, write programs, create images, create videos, and more using free AI Tools.

We can see that AI Tools are replacing human work at a fast pace. With this knowledge, we have a choice. We can either wait for it to take away our jobs, or we can accept AI and use its power to build a resume and find the job opportunity we deserve using AI Resume Builder.

There are hundreds of AI Resume Builders available in the market. Which one is the best for you? Do you really need an AI Resume Builder? Which AI Resume Builder is the best?

After reviewing more than 25 AI Resume Builders, we have made a list of the Best AI Resume Builders, that can give you the best results. But first, let us understand what is an AI Resume Builder, and why we need them.

What is an AI Resume Builder?

Like the name suggests, AI Resume Builders are online platforms that help you create professional resumes, CV and/or cover letters using AI that help you land your dream job.

These AI-powered platforms analyse your resume and suggest templates, resume tips and more that you can use to improve your resume. These are automated features that simplify the resume-creation process.

Why do you need an AI Resume Builder?

Have you heard the saying, “First Impression is the Last Impression”? Your resume is your first impression and it is important to have a lasting impression if you want to stand out from the thousands of other applicants.

An AI Resume Builder helps you make a lasting first impression and more. Benefits of using an AI Resume Builder are:

  1. Save time by using their pre-designed professional templates and content suggestions.
  2. Most resume-building platforms offer industry-specific suggestions that you can use to target your company. Moreover, you can use this information to make a company-specific resume in a few clicks. 
  3. AI-enabled resume builders can also detect errors like spelling mistakes, uneven formatting and more. 
  4. With the help of an AI resume builder, you can optimise your resume to be ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly.

What is ATS? Why do you need an ATS-compliant resume?

ATS is a software that manages the recruiting and hiring process of a company. It is the first screening process your job application goes through. 

Today, most companies use this software to shortlist job applications from the thousands of applications they receive. All applicants first go through the ATS before it reaches any HR personnel.

ATS scans through your resume, matches it with the job description, and checks for job prerequisites. Then finally, it ranks all the resumes for the HR department. 

You need to create a resume that is optimized for ATS and that stands out. But how do you do that?

  1. You need your resume to be in a format that is easily readable by the ATS
  2. You need certain keywords that help you rank better than other candidates. You will find these keywords in the job description of the job you are applying for.

We have shortlisted some Resume Builders to help you build a resume that is ATS compliant. In our opinion, these are the best AI resume builders that use AI to give you an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) optimized resume and help you rank better from the thousands of job applications.

BEST AI Resume Builders 2023:

1. Zety.com

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zety-logo-Best AI Resume Builder

Zety is one of the best AI Resume Builder that can help you land your dream job. Using their professional templates and AI-powered suggestions, your resume will be ready in minutes.

Zety’s key feature is their AI-powered text suggestions that will suggest improvements after scanning your existing resume. The grammar and spell-checker ensures you have a grammatically correct resume.

With Zety, you can also change font styles and colours as per your liking to make your resume more visually appealing. You can also add, edit and remove sections of your resume to highlight your education, work experience and skills.

Cons: Their fee structure is not flexible. Either you pay for 14 days, or for the whole year.

Zety Pricing : US$ 14.40 per year (US$ 1.2 per month)

You can build a resume for free, but to download you need to subscribe.

Zety Reviews : (Rating 3.8/5)

2. My Perfect Resume

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myperfectresume-logo-Best AI Resume Builder

MyPerfectResume is an AI-driven resume builder with great templates and content suggestions. They also suggest templates based on which country you are applying for, which is great for international applications.

Also, they have thousands of examples of professional resumes that give you direction and you can use them for inspiration. You can also customize different versions of your resume, which is really helpful when you want to tailor it according to each company or industry you apply for.

Cons: Misleading fees and charges, so please read carefully before paying.

My Perfect Resume Pricing: US$ 14.40 per year (US$ 1.2 per month)

My Perfect Resume Review : (Rating 4.5/5)

3. Novo Resume

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novoresume-logo-Best AI Resume Builder

Novoresume has the best and most professional templates. They have a great AI-driven enhancement tool that acts like your personal resume consultant. You can use ChatGPT for content, and Novoresume to tailor it for your resume. Their tool offers great suggestions.

Cons: Not very flexible with changing formats or templates.

NovoResume Pricing: US$ 11 per month. No automatic renewal.

You can build one 1-page resume for free, and try it out, but you will have to subscribe for all its features.

NovoResume Reviews : (Rating 4/5)

4. Kick Resume

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kickresume-logo-Best AI Resume Builder

KickResume is the most user-friendly AI resume builder that will help you rewrite your resume. Just upload your resume, and this AI Tool will help you make your resume more professional.

They have plenty of templates to choose from and also have matching cover letters to give it a boost. They also provide you with content suggestions and examples to help you write effective content for resumes.

Kickresume allows you to download your resume in different formats, such as PDF, and DOCX which is really helpful if you want to edit your resume even after your subscription expires.

Kickresume also provides you with matching cover letter formats, which gives your overall profile a strong boost.

Cons: Limited credits, you will not be able to use its AI features after you finish up the credits.

Kick Resume Pricing: US$ 6/ month (Billed Quarterly)

Kick Resume Reviews : (Rating 4.5/5)

5. Rezi.ai

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rezi-logo-Best AI Resume Builder

Rezi.ai is a game changer AI tool for resume writing. It is simple to use and offers interesting tools. This is the best AI resume builder to optimise your resume for ATS.

You can copy and paste the job description of the job post you want to apply for, and Rezi.ai will tell you what things you need to update/remove from your resume to optimise your resume for ATS for that particular job. This feature really helps to rank better in that company’s system.

Rezi.ai also provides you with real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your keywords and overall presentation to create a strong and impactful resume.

It also has a short descriptive video at the top of each section that tells you what that section does and how you should write it. This really makes your resume writing process easier and helps you utilise all the tools Rezi.ai has to offer.

Cons: Limited font options.

Rezi.ai Pricing: US$ 29 per month, or US$ 129 as one-time fees.

Rezi Reviews : (Rating 4.3/5)

6. Wepik | Free AI Resume Builder

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wepik-logo-Best AI Resume Builder

Wepik is a free tool for graphic design online it offers a range of resume building templates that help in creating a professional resume. The templates are easy to edit, and you can add your own text, images, and graphics. Wepik also offers a variety of other design resources, such as icons, illustrations, and photos.

Wepik Pricing :

Free: Limited features (The free plan includes access to a limited number of templates, images, and icons)
Premium: $4.99 per month or $49 per year

Word of Precaution!

All the above tools are great resume builders. Most of these AI Resume Builders offer some free features for you to try out and a 14-day cancellation policy to test all their features. 

Please use these tools with caution. AI is not perfect, it will assume things and sometimes may add or subtract important information which may not be 100% accurate. We suggest you proofread your resume before submitting it.

All the best for your new Job!

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