Breathe Life into Your WhatsApp Group: How to Make a WhatsApp Group Interesting?

WhatsApp group: How to Make A WhatsApp Group Interesting

We all know the struggle. You create a WhatsApp group with friends, family, or colleagues, dreaming of lively discussions and shared laughter. But then, the dreaded silence creeps in.

Everyone gets lost in their whirlwind of daily tasks, and the WhatsApp group is lost among the thousands of other chats. But fear not, this article is your arsenal to ignite engagement in your group, transforming it from a digital desert to a vibrant hub of desi fun!

Before we learn about different ways how to make a WhatsApp group interesting, we need to check what category does your WhatsApp group fall into?

  1. Family Group: nuclear family group, or a full-on Parivar group (I also call it the wedding list group :P) with all the relatives in the family.
  2. Friends Group: Office, college, family cousins, etc.

You also need to keep in mind group interests. For example, a WhatsApp friends group of mothers is more likely to be interested in food recipes, DYI house remedies, etc.

On the other hand, a WhatsApp friends group of fathers may be more interested in discussing cricket, and work.

You get the idea, right? To make a WhatsApp group interesting, you need to first understand the group dynamics and group interests. Then use the different ways mentioned below as per your group’s interests.

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a person sending a message on whatsapp making more intersting

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How To Make a WhatsApp Group Interesting: 10 Desi Ways to Keep it Buzzing

Our top different ways How To Make a WhatsApp Group Interesting are:

1. Spice Up the Spice Chat (or Chaat)

Move beyond the endless “Good Morning” forwards. Spice up the group and engage people with the love language of most Indians, FOOD!

Channel your inner foodie with a “Desi Dish of the Day” challenge. Ask group members to post a picture of homemade food items. Encourage them to experiment with different food items. Bonus points for the most creative presentation!

Make it a fun competition, like awarding the best foodie of the month, or a free lunch the next time everybody meets, or maybe the person chooses the next lunch/dinner place. You can also change the award after 5-6 times.

Also, as the group admin you should post funny moments while cooking, and encourage people to share them as well.

This is a delicious way to discover new culinary delights and one of the best ways how to make a WhatsApp group interesting.

2. Bollywood Bonanza

An artist recreates a Bollywood scene. How to make a WhatsApp Group Interesting.

Introduce “Movie Mania Monday”

Bollywood is the beating heart of Indian entertainment, and your WhatsApp group can be its mini-theatre. There are several ways you can use Bollywood to spice up the group. Some of them are:

  1. Introduce a “Movie Mania Monday” where members take turns posting a scene and a famous dialogue from Bollywood films. Others have to guess the movie and the actors involved. This sparks nostalgic conversations but also introduces younger members to the golden age of Indian cinema.
  2. Online Antakshari: You can schedule a 1-hour antakshari session where members share short audio clips of them singing Bollywood music. You can start with one person and make a chain.
  3. Bollywood Dialogue Contest: Every Thursday you can ask members to post 1 audio/video clip enacting a famous Bollywood dialogue, and ask everyone to vote on the clips (via reaction on WhatsApp).

This is a sure shot way How To Make a WhatsApp Group Interesting.

3. Quiz Master Masala

Quiz master masala How to Make a Whatsapp group interesting

Indians love a good challenge, so why not whip up a “Desi Quix Night” every Friday?

Depending on your group’s interest, you can craft questions that test your group’s knowledge of different topics like History, Cricket, Mythology or Bollywood.

Spice it up with themed quizzes like “Festivals of India” or “WhatsApp Cricket Board”. Make sure to keep a scoreboard, and the winner gets bragging rights, a virtual crown emoji and his name added to the WhatsApp Group’s name.

Conducting a quiz is now more easy than ever on WhatsApp by creating a poll in WhatsApp chat. This is a fun way how to make a WhatsApp group interesting.

4. Travel Tales Tuesday

Like Food, every Indian loves to travel. So, ignite the travel bug with “Travel Tales Tuesday“.

Every Tuesday encourage members to share travel photos and a story from their old trips to a breathtaking Indian destination. From the snow-capped Himalayas to the sun-kissed beaches of Goa, let the pictures and stories transport you.

You can ask 1 member every week to prepare their story and share it with the group, and encourage other members to ask for details about the trip.

I bet people will be surprised and awe-struck by each other’s pictures and stories. It is also a great way to get travel recommendations and inspire future adventures.

The fun will begin when group members find common destinations and different experiences. It is also a great start to plan an annual group trip. What better way How to Make A WhatsApp Group Interesting?

5. Meme Mania Mayhem

No WhatsApp group is complete without a healthy dose of memes. Embrace the desi humour with “Meme Monday Mayhem”.

Don’t settle for the generic ones, encourage members to create and share their own memes using Indian templates, Bollywood references and local jokes. And don’t forget to make memes of funny pictures of each other or yourself!

You can encourage members to reply via WhatsApp GIFs or memes only to make the chat even funnier. There are several memes, gifs and stickers now available on WhatsApp to make the group laugh out loud.

This fosters creativity and guarantees side-splitting laughter and the funniest way how to make a WhatsApp group interesting.

6. Game On! Desi Style:

Who says games are just for kids? Relive your childhood with classic Indian games like “Antakshari” (song chain) or “Dumb Charades” (acting without words) adapted for WhatsApp.

There are several online multiplayer games now available like Ludo, Snakes and Ladder, Rummy and more which you can play as well and create a competition out of it. It is always fun to play these classic games.

You can even create your own games, like “Desi Movie Charades” where members act out scenes from iconic Bollywood films.

Get creative, get competitive, and get ready for some good old-fashioned fun. You will find an app for most games online. Ask everyone to download the game and play together. Be on a WhatsApp audio call during the game to comment and communicate during the game.

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Game Mode On: How to make a WhatsApp group interesting.

7. Share the Shayari: How to Make a WhatsApp Group Interesting

Indians are masters of expressing emotions through poetry, and what better way to do it than with “Shayari Sunday?” Encourage members to share their favourite Hindi or Urdu Shayari, or even write their own.

This adds a touch of literary flair to your group and provides a platform for expressing heartfelt thoughts and emotions.

You never know, you may find a talented Shayar in the group.

8. Challenge Accepted! Desi Edition

Ice bucket challenge to how to keep whatsapp group chat interesting

Remember the viral “Ice Bucket Challenge”? Channel that spirit with “Desi Challenges.”

Create your own Desi Challenges or bring these viral challenges to the group. These can be anything from trying the spiciest street food to learning a few basic Bollywood dance moves.

Encourage members to post videos of themselves completing the challenges, adding a touch of friendly competition and lighthearted fun.

What better way how to make a WhatsApp group interesting.

9. Get Creative with Polls and Stickers

WhatsApp offers a plethora of tools to keep your group engaged. Use polls to settle age-old debates like “Dosa vs. Idli” or “Chai vs. Coffee.”

Create custom stickers with popular Indian memes or inside jokes to add a personal touch to your conversations.

Remember, a little creativity goes a long way in keeping things fresh and keeps the WhatsApp group interesting.

10. Respect the Vibe, Keep it Inclusive

Finally, remember that the key to a thriving WhatsApp group is inclusivity and respect. Encourage participation from everyone, be mindful of cultural sensitivities, and keep the tone positive and lighthearted.

Don’t spam the group with irrelevant messages or force anyone to participate in activities they’re uncomfortable with. Remember, it’s all about creating a space where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Respect and Inclusivity are the most important thing How to make a WhatsApp group interesting.

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5 Ways to Make a Whatsapp Group Interesting for Employees

Whatsapp group interesting for employees by using motivation quote
Share a Motivational Quote
Whatsapp group interesting for employees with daily business news
Share News Feed related to Your Industry
Whatsapp group interesting for employees by birthday wishing
Wish Group Member on Special Occasions like Birthday/Anniversary
Whatsapp group interesting for employees by sharing memes for chill environment
Share Jokes & Memes
Whatsapp group interesting for employees by yoga & mediation activity classes
Plan something like Meditation or Yoga Classes


With these desi-flavored tips and tricks, your WhatsApp group will be buzzing with life in no time.

So, ditch the silence, embrace the fun, and get ready to create unforgettable memories with your WhatsApp Group Family!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How To Create WhatsApp Group?

Step 1: Open Whatsapp
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Step 3: Click on “New Group”
Step 4: Select all contacts you want to add to that group and click on Next.
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A New WhatsApp Group is created. You can now send messages to that group!

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